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a gay male; not a gay female, a gay male
that guy is mascular
by yuhi February 17, 2011
7 6
masculine + muscular.
That gay guy thinks he's mascular because he hits the gym hard, but have you heard him talk? Queen!

My, those dykes were scary mascular.
by sponty September 28, 2010
11 0
A form of size that involves not only being overly masculine but showing an increased muscle size with an overlying layer of pudgy adipose tissue.
When I was a kid I was mascular, the girls loved it!
by Stevil4321 November 15, 2012
5 3
Like masculine, only more so.
Travis:Have you seen Matt's new girlfriend? She's pretty masculine.
Dave: Shit dude, she's MascuLAR!
by gimpsuitjones April 17, 2006
11 18