The scientific name of the excretement of the Japanese Buffalo
Oh darn. I stepped in masaki again
by Bills January 27, 2004
Top Definition
A fiercely opinionated person, who likes to debate but is willing to hear all sides. A loyal friend and great listener, just don't expect him to remember all the details of your conversation. Can seem mysterious or aloof at times, but is just thinking so profoundly he is not able to dwell in surface level stuff. A genuine person who may be misunderstood (dark and mysterious).
If I am in a bind, I want Masaki to be by my side.
by SarCares June 23, 2016
A Masaki is Japanese name for a total wanker who thinks he is more important than he actually is - a big time prick.
My colleague in the office is a real Masaki!
by stoff275 March 14, 2008
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