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English superhero sent to this earth to correct every mispelling. His super powers consist of being really annoying. His weakness is that hes a Sorcerer.
My name is Masada not masada
by skeeeet skeeeeet September 11, 2007
8 6
bad ass. can be used as noun and/or adjective to describe something so amazing.
Tim: "Did you check out Grace's cleavage line on her wedding dress?"
Bryson: " No, but I bought a new sweat towel. It's masada!"
by kiggoreanette October 30, 2010
9 3
To Masada (v). To kill the ones you love first and then commit suicide rather than face an unbearable future.
Rory: One time I had two hermit crabs, and one of the crabs killed its buddy and then buried itself alive in the sand and died!
Isabel: It looks like your crabs masadad themselves rather than continue to live in your care.
by Roach busters September 24, 2013
3 1