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A freestyle hip-hop master of ceremonies, who is most noatbly known for his work on The Iron Mic Freestyle Battles, which aired for a short period of time on public access television. Oversaw the infamous round 2 battle between hip-hop newcomer "Envy" against rap icon "Eli 'King of the South' Porter," which ended in an unfavorable 2-1 decision in favor of "Envy." Recent controversy has arisen from allegations of a homosexual affair with Iron Mic judge J-Dub, whom he was blatantly fondling during the battle. Currently producing with Eli Porter on his new mixtape entitled "King Of The South."
"Hey it's your boi Marv-o!"

"That was great! Has to be better than last time!"
by Marv-O May 22, 2008
adjective. Something that is really gay.
"Brandon sucked some guy's dick last night. That is so marvo."
by Tony F. Almeida May 28, 2007
Verb. The action of putting your arm over another persons shoulders and lightly grazing the nipples
"Yo man, watch behind you,Jimmy is trying to Marv-o you"
by Dancindawrf June 22, 2016
The action of moving your arms over your opponents shoulders and lightly grazing thier nipples
"Yo, dat dude just got Marv-o'd"
by Dancindawrf June 22, 2016
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