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A freestyle hip-hop master of ceremonies, who is most noatbly known for his work on The Iron Mic Freestyle Battles, which aired for a short period of time on public access television. Oversaw the infamous round 2 battle between hip-hop newcomer "Envy" against rap icon "Eli 'King of the South' Porter," which ended in an unfavorable 2-1 decision in favor of "Envy." Recent controversy has arisen from allegations of a homosexual affair with Iron Mic judge J-Dub, whom he was blatantly fondling during the battle. Currently producing with Eli Porter on his new mixtape entitled "King Of The South."
"Hey it's your boi Marv-o!"

"That was great! Has to be better than last time!"
by Marv-O May 22, 2008

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adjective. Something that is really gay.
"Brandon sucked some guy's dick last night. That is so marvo."
by Tony F. Almeida May 28, 2007