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A smart insightful solution to a problem. An epiphany can be a marque.
After spending hours on figure out a possible solution to fixing the device, Jim came up with a marque of an answer.
by jjames81 February 04, 2010
A person who gets lots of ass at parties
Dude1: i was such a marques last night
Dude2: if i was there i would of been a marques
by Mike Jones hommie March 18, 2008
I back Stabbing person who thinks she is the shit and better then everyone else...usually someone from a small town!
Marque: OMG you're my best friend
You: oh thank you
Next girl: Hey marque whats up?
Marque Omg I totally fucking hate (you) she is so annoying!
by sexyluv15 August 18, 2009