1. A brand of cigarette originating in the U.S., marketed heavily through identification with idealized, ruggedly-individualistic cowboys inhabiting the wide-open spaces of the American West. 2. The only brand of cigarette I was able to buy in European "tabacs" during a summer as a college exchange student.
1. Me: "Do you like this denim jacket lined with thick fuzzy sheep's wool that I picked up at a thrift store?" Honest friend: "You look like the Marlboro man." Me: "Cool." 2. Me: (entering tobacco shop in Vienna) "Do you have Camel Lights?" Shop clerk: (eyeing my shorts, white sneakers, and baseball cap) "American?" (lays pack of Marlboro Reds on counter). Me: (waving arms, attempting to "draw", then pantomime, a camel, now speaking more loudly): "CAMEL. CAM--" (softly again, as clerk becomes visibly tense) "Camel. Lights." Clerk: (shrugs, reaches for Marlboro Reds on counter). Me: "Wait. Okay. Thank you. DUNK-uh." (I give clerk funny-looking bills, hope it's enough, take cigarrettes, and walk quickly toward the door). Clerk: (with enthusiasm) "BITTE!"
by American Idiot Redux April 16, 2009
Best cigarette on the market. Gives you an amazing nicotine rush. Word of warning not for beginners or pussy bitches. If you're a beginner smoker smoke lights then work up to reds.
by RoboticParrot April 04, 2010
Best Cigarettes in the world
Smooth taste
Easy going down if your used to it
Not for the weak smokers

Not a great starter cigarette

Ref cowboy killers
Person 1: Hey can I bum one? Mine are in the car.
Person 2: You know I don't smoke Marlboro Reds
Person 1: Screw that... Ill be back
by Lyssa Ann January 25, 2011
the REAL cowboy smokes, all the other smokes are for pussys and reds are for real black lunged cowboyz
byson: playboy, let me get demz!
clerk: whish onez cuz?
byson: *points* them reds, them marlboro reds them true cowboyz smokez
clerk: oh ye, no doubt no doubt themz da cowboyz smokes dawg
byson: u know it my mayn!
clerk: datd be 4.99 cuz
byson: i got chu, i got chu.
by BYSON BABY December 17, 2009
cigs sex cowboy killa best cigs eva made bitch
i just smoked a marlboro reds the other day it felt like sex
by skeeet May 18, 2009
dat real cowboy smokez
G: "hey let me get a pack of marlboro reds"
Clerk: "datz dat real cowboy shit!"
G: "hell yee dawg."
by Carl Johnson Ryder February 27, 2009
super intense cigarettes manufactured by marlboro. short filter. mostly chemicals.
person 1: Dude, you wanna smoke some marlboro reds?
person 2: Nah, i'd rather just suck on the tail pipe of my car.
person 1: werd dude. thats flavor country right there.
by DanBil April 24, 2008

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