n. A person who works in sales or marketing. Generally connotes a person lacking detailed knowledge of the product they are selling. As a result they promise nonexistent features to customers or are ignorant of existing features.
"I can't believe those marketing monkeys told the customers the new model has a built-in toaster oven!"
by D_anonymous October 11, 2005
Top Definition
Someone who feels the need to recite a companies marketing as if it was the truth with out even stopping to think about what it even means.
Douchebag: "Mac OS X is better than windoez because it is POSIX certified because the Apple product page told me so."
Someone in IT: "Do you even know what POSIX stands for?"
Douchebag: "Erm... No... But it means your computer is secure, right?"
Someone in IT: "You do know that Windows has been POSIX certified since 2000, right?"
Douchebag: "Uh..."
Someone in IT: "Dude, you're such a marketing monkey... Spend less time on 'imasturbatetomymac.com' and more time reading about real computers."
by Someone in IT December 17, 2007
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