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Mario party rules is a smoking game, you need alot weed a bong or two a mario party game on a nintendo console (64 works for me)
Now the rules are simple, pick characters, whenever you win a mingame a star or you win a box with an item coins or stars you pull a cone. Because you have to have a cone after you win a minigame you get ripped as you play thus making it harder or easier to win therefore getting a cone, Mario party rules works good when you want to smoke heaps but lack money therefore winning at MPR gets you quite baked
(Luigi) We played mario party rules last night, I won the minigame star happening star an coin star I was ripped way before we had a rematch,
(Wario) I hate mario party rules I pay the most an have the least!
by luigirippz May 28, 2010
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