A place that is better than Chester, New Hampshire. Also known as: A place that is WAY better than Chester, NH.
Oh, and of course, the place with so much to do when you are sober that you never need to get drunk or high but all the rich bitches do anyway. :D
I hate living in the sticks, so I o\go to Marblehead and make fun of the rich preppy kids that get EVERYTHING they want and hang out with the cool kids that still get everything they want but don't want that much, so in turn are not as stuck up.
by OmgIhatechestersomuch. November 29, 2009
Marblehead, is a rich bictchy town. There is a ton of drugs because everybody is so rich they get anything they wont. I still loovee marblehead for that. GO MARBLEHEAD
FUCK SWAMPSCOOT BITCHES ur just jealous that marblehead is cooler then you.
marblehead has sick ass partys on the neck:swampscoot has no neck swampyy is gay with gay parties
by akpdsjpfvdxaef April 02, 2006
A coastal town in Massachusetts notorious for rude residents, snobby yuppies, bad drivers, and very expensive everything. Marblehead has a reputation for having a very large teen drinking problem, often stinking of mary jane, a lousy school system, and roving gangs of foul-mouthed 11 year olds. Upon entering Marblehead, you'll notice the town attractions including: Not being able to park anywhere, your car being vandalized, 9 year olds bumming for tobacco, 15 year olds harrassing you outside of 7/11, and the summer Arts Festival in July. If you are interested in visiting Marblehead, please stick your head in a sandbox and take a deep breath in. You will be spared the horrible nightmare that is Marblehead.
People will willingly hit kids on bikes and laugh about it. It happens regularly.

Also, the same (x) amount of families have lived there for ever, and hardly anyone goes in or out. Marblehead is an inbred hick-town disguised as a upper-middle class suburb.

And yes, there are also a large number of unreported incest cases.
by TheMheadMagician May 04, 2011
Marblehead is a little town on the east coast of Massachusetts. This town is noted as the birthplace of the American Navy, but it is also home to one of the biggest groups of rich, snobby, stuck up, ignorant, dumb ass liberals who get whatever they want. The younger genreation of the town takes what they're priviliged with for granted, and use their $100 a week allowances to buy pot. The jocks and the sluts have wild drinking parties nearly every Friday which eventually turn into orgies. The school system is also bullshit. The students are expected to get perfect grades in everything, and if one obtains lower than the standards, the it's off to community college!

There are several defining gorups that make up the town of Marblehead. For example:

The OCD Gamer: They only go to school because they are required to by Massachusetts law. If they didn't have to, they spend all day palying Xbox Live and fapping to bad hentai.

The Emo-Fag: The ones that wear band shirts, studded belts, and pants so tight that thier feet inflate. They often whine about how bad it is to be an only child in a 3 story, 5 bedroom house with their own souped up electronic collection and a constant source of money. Man, life sucks.

The Jock: The competitive sports athletes who follow one code:
"Party, drink, eat, fuck, repeat." They usually recieve their own sports car for their 16th birthday and listen to nothing but shitty "gansta" rap. I'll remember to tip them after they've filled up my car.

The slut: The girl that talks about a million words per minute, comapre how many times they gave head at summer camp (I think the record is 4), and are the number one consumers of Yaz. Some get good grades, but most of them can't even locate Iraq on a world map. They talk in broken ebonics (yes, it's possible), the length of their skirts matches their IQ, and they wear a good inch of make-up to hide their excessive acne.

So, all in all, don't go to Marblehead. It's a waste of time, money, and you'll just end up unstatisfied. Go somewhere awesome in New England, like Portland, NH, VT, Boston, Springfield, ANYWHERE BUT FUCKING MARBLEHEAD!
Marblehead sucks more than a Dyson.
by TheAngryOne November 10, 2008
Very rich upper class town where everybody gets high and crashes their parents BMW into houses. The snotty kids in school complain about their alowences and how they only have an xbox ps3 psp wii,etc. Marblehead is so undiverse that they actuly have to truck in their black kids from Boston. Everyday at the highschool kids will go hang out by the gate smoke/get high then go rob richdales.
God I f**king hate marblehead
by pseudonyms r gay 4 life June 17, 2011
a town where everyone is bitches and need to go fuck themselves and everyon spreads rumors anyone who is moving here is making a big fucking mistake. this town sucks everyone gets stoned and fucks and are annoying a hell. Everyone in marblehead are yuppies and think they are the shit. Its the worst place in the world.All the girls are bitches, every single one especially the ones who think they are "popular" FUCK YOU MARBLEHEAD!!!!
A bad town is marblehead
by prettygurl111 November 11, 2010
Marblehead, a pussy ass town filled with bitches that think they are better than swampscott but really they lose to swampscott in every fucking sport because all they do is skateboard n grow their stupid nasty ass hair out long. The kids look like fucking greasers!!! FUCK MARBLEHEAD!!!
Ex1. parker c biggest bitch in town. he plays baseball for swampscott cuz marblehead baseball programs arent good enough for the greasy header.
by eric fader April 21, 2005
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