A word used by pseudo-intellectual feminist (e.g. ugly chicks, over 30 single moms with no chance in hell of getting a man their own age, and insecure fat chicks or combo of all three) on the internet to justify their loosing argument and/or anti-male rhetoric.
Man: "Hey, I found new talk show on YouTube that's cool check it out"


Man: Oh really? I didn't know that about the guest, but um...I was talking about the show in general and the Host.

Pseudo-intellectual feminist: THANKS FOR MANSPLAINING.

Man: huh???
by feministneedDICKintheirlife December 19, 2012
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Originally, this term was used to describe boorish men who felt the need to "correct" what a woman said, even on topics that the man didn't know anything about.

However, the term quickly degenerated into a get-out-of-jail-free card used by angry women when a man dares to point out even the most blatant error.
Old: That Bob is trying to tell Jill how to raise a horse? She's raised championship thoroughbreds for decades and he's never even ridden a horse. What a stupid mansplainer!

by jaded by humans July 24, 2011
A sexist term used by misandrist women to disrespect, belittle and devalue the opinion of her male peers in an attempt to make herself appear smarter or better in comparison.

This is common among mixed gender discussions and debates. The term mansplaining is commonly thrown around by those wish to turn the argument into a battle of the sexes or just lack any knowledge or means od adding value to the discussion and wish to devalue the input of other's (in this case males) who are involved in said discussion.
Sue: "I think WWII was hardest on wives back home then the solders."
Bob: "What about the men serving who put their lives at risk during WWII? I think it was harder on them knowing they might die and not see their wife again."
Sue: "Oh there you go again mansplaining!"
by ProfessorD February 21, 2013
A term created by radical feminists to automatically discredit the opinion of a man because he's, well, a man. See also Feminist Shaming Language.
Man: I think your argument about women being oppressed by an evil patriarchy is wrong because of x, y and z.

Feminist group: Oh look, mansplaining from a member of the male species! How dare you interrupt our bitching session with your facts and logic! Let's get him, sisters! Make jokes about him having a small penis, that'll show him!
by tigger2000 July 07, 2011
A word used to describe any explanation from a man deemed to be condescending, no matter how patient or factual it may be. Preferably to be used in an even more condescending manner without any sense of the irony of doing so.
"No, see it works like this.."
"Oh thank you for mansplaining, but I'm afraid I'm going to ignore everything you've said and focus entirely on your tone like a petulant 4 year old, because I believe this will somehow help my point of view and not make me look like an idiot"
by Spevin January 13, 2015
The tendency of some men to mistakenly believe that they automatically know more about any given topic than does a woman and who, consequently, proceed to explain to her- correctly or not- things that she already knows.
Woman A: When he started mansplaining to me what it really meant to be a woman in the 21st century, I got up and left.

Woman B: Really, what else could you do?
by miriald January 07, 2011
What a man does when he assumes that most of the women he talks to need to hear his explanations. The problem is not the explanation itself but the underlying and often unconscious belief in inequality, the systematic assumption that women are not very intelligent, knowledgeable or competent. Mansplaining is always talking down, a form of condescension. It can be done with contempt and scorn or with benevolence and generosity, the way a father may explain something to a child.

Someone is mansplaining if they:
–When a man who knows little about something explains it to a woman who knows a lot about it, like when a lawyer attempts to explain how the brain works to a female neurosurgeon.

– When a man doesn’t attempt to find out how much a woman knows about something before explaining it to her.

– When a man ignores the fact that the woman is competent in her own right, and has an opinion worthy of consideration

– When he interrupts a woman to continue explaining himself to her

-When he attempts to tell her what she thinks, what she feels some, or why she behaves a certain way.
-When the explanations weren't asked for, the man just assumes the woman needs to hear them.
My boyfriend keeps trying to tell me how I should fix my computer. I work for Apple and he's a chef, and he wouldn't listen to me when I corrected him. I wish he'd stop mansplaining to me.
by alwaysanchored January 09, 2015

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