when a woman tells the man she is sleeping with that she is on birth control but is not, in the hopes of becoming pregnant. So called because the man is given no choice in the conception of the child.

Essentially using a man for his sperm.
Steve got man raped. Now he's paying $1500 a month in child support.
by doctor p May 26, 2006
Top Definition
When you and a girl hit it off but you never get to date and instead end up in the friend zone, doing all the shit that a boyfriend should but with none of the benefits.
"Hey, you remember joe and that girl? Well hes getting totally manraped"
by Phil_rocks March 09, 2006
Not the same thing as ass rape. It's where a woman rapes a guy. It is a myth that men can't be raped by women. There are some horney women who think that it is part of women's equal rights that they can rape men.
Kathy is into man rape.
by Deep blue 2012 March 08, 2010
When a man is soooo hammered and passes out only to come to with some chick riding his dick. Sometimes this can be a good thing but there are cases when the rapist is f-ugly or a whore, who the man would never willingly screw, sober. Hopefully if it is the latter, the whore put a rubber on the victim, or he may become a daddy, or soon find herpes on his cock.
I think i was man raped last night...
I passed out last night and woke up to some bitch on my dick.
by beer101 October 18, 2009
When a male is subjected to forcible sodomy.
After only a week in prison, Mark had been manraped by all the inmates in his cell block.
by gorf February 21, 2003
When a girl talks to a guy all night, bitches about her problems and makes it seem like she's interested in him, only to waste his time and fail to give him any ass.
Dude, last night Melissa totally man raped me.. I spent TWO HOURS listening to her and giving her attention and i didnt even get her number...
by Ploka July 10, 2009
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