1) Male form of Anorexia Nervosa where the person becomes psychologically obsessed with any visible quantity of fat tissue and diets, drinks, or uses drugs compulsively in an intentional attempt to get thinner.
2) Psychological disorder in males denoted by obsession with their body image, usually musculature. Manorexics often resort to compulsive weight lifting, use of dietary supplements, or steroids in an attempt to build muscle mass to look "perfect". The end result of uncontrolled Manorexia is grotesquely large muscles.
1) Trent, we're here because we love you, and we are concerned that you have a problem with Manorexia.

2) See Flex Magazine - This is not an ad, but a warning: http://www.flexonline.com/
by Will From Santa Monica March 13, 2006
When a man is afflicted with anorexia
(i.e. really skinny guy who thinks hes fat)
Poor poor souls, i worry about these people.
Manorexia guy: gawd! i dont even fit into size -12 anymore!
Manorexia guy2: dont worry dude lets just not eat for a month to teach ourselves a lesson.
by Immi_callmepnk September 08, 2007
the condition of someone unable to get a man
Sophie complained about her manorexia as all the guys mocked her.
by annah2662 May 18, 2010
The disease of anorexia found in a man.
"Damnit, Chase only had a little piece of chicken for lunch. I think he is developing manorexia."
by ally g October 26, 2007
A dude that is way skinnier than he's supposed to be. Usually, these are the same people rocking out to emo music and wearing extremely tight clothing.
That guy is suffering from a serious case of manorexia.
by Nose Dogg November 07, 2006
When a man is muscular but sees himself as being too skinny. This is often seen with men who workout.
John suffers from manorexia. He looks like a bodybuilder but he thinks he looks like a twig.
by J Lewis September 10, 2007
Complete aversion to men/sex/dating.
"Girl, ever since I found out about my bf's wife and that bartender gave me the clap I've come down with manorexia."
by Tina Ballerina May 10, 2007

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