The name of a girl hailing from Bombay , usually thin with large eyes. Mani-sha's are famous for SLOW talk and their inevitable obsession for the colour purple. Maths is an alien language for them and they detest anything with numbers.
You know it is Mani-sha when they begin their sentences with "Listen".
by up_side_down November 16, 2011
Top Definition
a person who cannot be described with words. this person is very nice, pretty, modest and generous. they can keep any secret and are great friends. they tend to be really spontaneous at times, and when triggered can go into a laugh attack. although, these people are diamonds and are found only 1 out of 6,000,000,000 people, if you do become friends it'll last for a lifetime!
dude #1: oh my god, who's that girl over there?! she looks like a manisha!!!!!!!!! i call dibs!
dude #2: a helll no man, she's mine
dude #3: dude that's a hot chick, she's sucha manisha
by the_ninja_who_oloed July 02, 2009
sharp intellect, genius, sagacity - Hindu

also, desire/wish
I wish I were like Manisha
by mk February 06, 2005
Typically manishas are intelligent, funny, smart, very beautiful, kind, and caring. No matter how they may feel on the inside they will appear kind in the outside. Once you make friends with them they will be loyal to you for the rest of their lives. They can balance looking good, getting good grades, sports, and extra-curricular activities easily. They make the best girlfriends, would never cheat on you, and whenever you're around them they simply make you happy and can turn a frown upside down by simply smiling. Their smile can light up a whole room.
Guy: she's such a manisha, whenever she smiles I fill with joy
Girl: she's a manisha, she seems so nice and would make a great friend
by JI12345 March 29, 2013
The embodiment of salt. Takes all the shit that people throw at her and still comes out on top. Pretty awesome person to know.
Stop being such a Manisha.
by Real Nxgga February 18, 2015
The perfect girl for Asit Gupta
Manisha is perfect for Asit Gupta
by guptaman April 15, 2004
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