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A sequel to the 2003 video game "Manhunt". It has been banned in many countries and was given an "AO" (Adults Only) rating in the U.S.. In result, many of the retail stores and consle companies (Nintendo, Sony) refused to sell the product. Rockstar Games (developers) went back and edited small parts of the game which gave it an "M" (Mature) rating in the U.S. but was still refused in the U.K.. The North America release is Oct. 31st
I can't wait until Manhunt 2 comes out!!

by Mr. LAmb October 14, 2007
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A very violent and graphic game, that probably will only be released edited to the general public, until a PC version becomes available or if you download it off a torrent site
I really want that Manhunt 2 game but because of Jack Thompson being a fag, and due to the controversy of the first one, I guess I'l have to put up with this watered down version
by Fieldy Field October 26, 2007

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