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The language of men.
The manguage was developed for men by men and is used by men everywhere. For example; Mug (man hug), Mandals (man sandals), Muv (man luv), Muddle (man huddle), Molonel (man colonel).
by W. Ryan February 23, 2007
A useful way for guys to get around the language barrier. Its basically a combination of grunts, hand gestures, and tone to achieve perfect understanding. Also a great way to infuriate women when you're with a friend who gets it.
Man #1 - Umph uhn uh, hah!
Man #2 - Pfft! Arg cha guh. *points*
Woman #1 - Oh my god you guys stop using manguage or we're going back to the car.
Woman #2 - Yeah and no blowjobs tonight.
Man #1+2 - All right, fuck.
by pseudo nympho May 30, 2016
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