a distorted state in which the mind/body experiences uncommon feelings. Results from alcohol, drugs, beatings, etc. Can be used in present tense also.
Dragon knew he was mangled after he drank the entire keg - by himself - in 3 hours.
by Laura December 03, 2003
Top Definition
To have handed all control of your bodily functions over to the mischievous leprechaun in the top pocket of your shirt. He now controls you and he likes it when you slap women's asses and subsequently get thrown out of nightclubs. In other words, it means to get FUCKED UP DRUNK.
'Man, last night the Manglator truly achieved total manglation after bonging that crate of Bud... there's still particles of his projectile vomit in his hair.
by The Manglator September 21, 2004
when u fucked up way past ur limit of drugs
damn i am stright up MANGLED off that liquor and crack
#fucked up #high #drunk #retared #twisted
by matt the mole December 23, 2005
when u smoke so much dope ur passed bein stoned. u can hardly see coz u hav no eyes.
oh man im propa mangled i cant see
by yo yo yo December 04, 2004
A state of being devasted, worn out, and beat down. When all your efforts are for nothing and no one cares but you have to keep up the facade
" no one listens to Ed, the guy is all mangled, a complete joke"
#beat down #worn out #joke #useless #who cares
by Team Burn December 12, 2013
A word to describe how you feel after an extremely heavy night and then to tell everyone that you designed the word mangled.
"I feel mangled" "did you know I made up this word"
#drunk #hammered #pissed #trollied #smashed
by Cock Higgins June 26, 2012
Being really drunk,stoned or on drugs
"Man last night we got soo fuckin' mangle'd"
#stoned #blit #crunk #blasted #wasted
by 4mf'20 February 28, 2008
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