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When your ass has been destroyed and ripped apart by mexican food or Indian Food. The most common way to catch the " Mangled anus-itis" Is eating a ghost pepper , but with your ass hole.
Mexican Bartender : " Wooooaaahhh Essssaaayyy !!!! DID you go Loco and shit yo pants ?"
Victim of Mangled anus-itis : " No Sir... My ass has been Mangled..
Mexican Bartender : " I shall call it the...

Victim of Mangled anus-itis : " Mangled.."
Mexican Bartender : " Anus.."
Victim of Mangled anus-itis : " Itis ! I mean that's what every disease ends with ! "
by Doctor Fucktard Beenjamin November 13, 2014
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