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Spandex typically worn by men for such activities as clubbing, exercising or cycling.
"Hey Rich, do you want to go cycling this afternoon?"
"Sure, just let me put on my mandex!"
by Beyondé May 03, 2007
1) A deliciously tasty garment worn by men, particularly those who do gymnastics. 2) Man Spandex
"Did you see the mandex that guy was wearing?"
"Yes, it was yummy looking"
by Pantypanty September 07, 2008
1. (n) A liquid substance used to clean manbreasts
2. (n) An article of clothing made of a stretchy fabric used to refrain the commonplace manbreast jiggle
1. Honey I'm all out of mandex, could you give me a spongebath?
2. Henry refused to wear a mandex even though all the guys at the corner pub constantly teased him about his jiggle.
by Beth October 05, 2004
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