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A day between Saturday and Sunday, when the event of man bonding happens because of an odd and freakish event. Something so rare and hard to resist temptation. Where a clingy/attached/stalkerish woman will not stop trying to get in your pants, so you have a professional "cock block" with requested assistance from some good buddies, wether it be man movies (Rambo, Rocky, John Wayne movies, Girls Gone Wild 1-100), or drinking some beer, to make her uninvited to the area, and off your back. Thus resulting with her slowly out your man space. And yet another problem resolved.
Damn there is this girl that won't leave me alone, I mean sex was great, but enough is enough. She's wantin to "hang" tonight, guys I needa manderday.
by Leif Erickson 1492 October 19, 2009
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