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This is what you call an arrogant girl that is hooked on roids. She is someone who is self obsessed with her body and even though she is perfectly fit she feels that she needs to bulk up even more. She is one who KNOWS that she is teh secksi, she doesnt hide it. She also likes to toy with other boys and tease them with her cutie bootie. A common reference to a 'Manda Jo' is the 'Hanford Ho' aka Manda Jo the Hanford Hoe! Stay away from manda jo's...they are catch and release fishermen!

She is also super pro at giving blumpkins
"Yo man, I met this girl last night. She is so awesome and beautiful and just wow....amazing!"

"Nah dude, watch out! That's one of them 'Manda Jo's' everyone talks about....stay away while you can bro. Once she has you in her grasp she will tear you to pieces"
by The Babies Daddy March 25, 2008

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The coolest girl to ever walk the face of the earth.. She's super cool and has the best boyfriend in the world. If you don't know her, you suck! <3
Boyfriend- "Wow Manda Jo, you are so awesome."

Manda Jo- "Thanks.."
by Manda Jo April 29, 2005