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a mancster is someone from the tougher streets of manchester, that has lived it rough, and that holds full pride in the city of where they are from (manchester)
mancster: ite mate, you got a spare cig on ya by any chance?
randomer: no, sorry mate, none left
mancster: you shitin me? let me check ya pockets den
(mancster pats strangers pockets n pulls out the cigaret bos)
stranger: uuurg...
mancster: your jacked, BRAP BRAP BRAP!
strangers dead

a mancster can be scene plodding around the local offlicence in an air max nike tracksuit with nikey 1:10's on, which are, of course, bought form cheatam hill, and fake
by terra boi fromk da manc bronx October 10, 2007
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