A young man, usually a stranger, who is very attractive and has a friendly personality. Differentiated from other "manboy" definitions by the capitalized M and B.
Wow, that's a good-looking ManBoy!
I went to a show last week and I met a ManBoy there.
by chocolate_cheerios October 28, 2007
Top Definition
1.A man who acts like a boy.
2.A man who looks like a young boy.
Dude, do you always have to be so damn obnoxious? You're such a manboy!
Damnit, I get carded everywhere I go, Must be because I look like such a manboy.
by Peter Combs August 17, 2006
(n) A male who, by age, should be a man, but still acts childish, is oblivious of what acting grown-up is about. An insult to point out ridiculous immaturity. A pathetic example of taking responsibility or manhood.

Man-boy clues: You are over 25, not in school and...
still live with parents (excluding illness or tragedy), still twist your friends nipples on a daily basis, buy toys off ebay for yourself, think "picking up chicks" is all in strategy of a well-delivered pick-up line, use status or lie about what you do to impress women, have a child and are still out partying like you are in high school while trying to pick up much younger girls.
That freakin' man boy tried to play off his 'rents as roommates and then he show me his KISS collection. What is he - 32 now?
by hoopyjoob August 23, 2007
Usually a male close to or over the age of 40. Often with an excess amount of money, enabling him to buy boy like toys. Prone to getting excited at video games, remote controlled cars, and at the release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Did you see those manboys knocking over those kids at the game store when Call of Duty was released?
by JackBlackJr November 10, 2009
n. A male over the age of 25 who exhibits two of the following traits: a) Lives with his parents; b) Is employed by or finanically dependent on his parents; c) Has an unusally and awkward relationship with his mother; d) is on all social networking websites; e) works in one of the following professions: Realtor, Developer, "Entrepreneur", Party Planner, Insurance, or Pay Day Loans
The Man Boy told his new girlfriend that he doesn't live with his mommy, his mommy lives with him, fo shizzel!
by Despot Ruler January 15, 2010
Manboy is a man that acts like a boy. This behavior is reinforced by popular culture.
Like a sixteen-year-old, Manboy can’t be trusted with the simplest of domestic tasks, such as cleaning up after himself. Manboy is often seen checking out other women in front of his girlfriend or wife.

www.manboys.wordpress.com is a blog about manboys for more examples.
by bmaryg November 14, 2007
a man who on the surface, looks like a man, perhaps with a beard, and tall stature, i.e. a construction worker. who has never matured into a man. There are two kinds of man boys white collar, and blue collar. White collar man boys spent massive amounts of time playing golf, and sitting in the steam room, while blue collar man boys spent massive amounts of time outside playing in the dirt with their trucks, and drinking beer. Both spend absolutely no time during the day with their families, and more times then not have slight homosexual tendencies, put shortly they like to "hang out with the boys". More often than not the man boy will have a girlfriend on the side. this is becuase his wife replaces his mother and he still wants a girlfriend. They essentially refuse to grow up and become family men.
Most lawyers, construction workers, millitary personel, politicians, business moguls, every bartender, every bar fly, every lounge lizzard, a majority of the kennedy family, and all the back wood hicks, are all man boys
by Mr. Shaw August 17, 2007
A 35 year old boy who smokes alot of weed & resembles Ralph Machio
The man boy got laid at the NAMBLA meeting
by doyle February 13, 2004
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