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A man in continuous pursuit of a mythical sexual scenario including his involvement in a strictly lesbian encounter (aka a straightsbian).

Signs include:

- frequent viewing of girl on girl themed pornographic material
- repeated exclamations upon the sight or mention of lesbians
-the unsolicited proposition of viewing, recording, and/or participating in sexual acts with two or more homosexual females
Lesbian to Lesbian: "Uh oh... manbo ten o'clock!"

Random Dude: "Hey, did I see you ladies holdin' hands while walking across the quad yesterday? That's SO hot! Want to come to a party my buddies and I are throwing tonight?"

Lesbian: "Nope."
by cholesterol...mmm August 28, 2009
a male bimbo. a man that acts like a vally girl
dude, smartin up. dont be such a manbo
by longrunnyshit May 16, 2008
the process in which a man shaves off a females pussy hairs and eats them
Dave: O I just heard that Peter performed manbo on Susan
Skeeter: HOLY SHIT!!!!!
by Harry Dyck June 16, 2007