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a french orinated word that means a very erotic threesome, ususally with a girl and two guys.
suzy, jim, and bob had a manaja twa that lasted 3 hours.
by jazzy j May 04, 2005
A french way to say 3 some. most of the time this means 2 dudes and 1 chick. however it can mean 2 chicks and 1 dude

a thing to suggest to your girlfriend in order for her to break up with you and allow you to date her room mate
"Louis, Kelly and Jenna are having a manaja twa"

"marisa you were so horny last night"

"yeah that's why i took lou and peter home"

George "this is like discovering plutonium by accident"
#sex #threesome #french #seinfeld #roommate
by mrgriefdog February 18, 2011
What people who can't spell and don't know French write when they mean ménage à trois
Bring your fren an well hav a manajatwa.
#ménage à trois #threesome #3some #three way #group sex
by TheAbbot December 02, 2011
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