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The nipples that a man has. Usually grosser than a ladies nips...but still nips!
While I looking for the morning paper, I ran into my neighbor who was rubbing his MAN NIPS so hard they started producing milk.
by ERICAGEIST April 14, 2003
7 2
a girl who attracts men like a cat is attracted to catnip. guys go crazy for this girl, for whatever reason. usually the man falls madly in love in the matter of days.
Jessi: "You had another one fall hard for you, didn't you?"

Matthew: "I don't know what it is about Kate, but I am crazy about her."
Chris: "Watch out, bro, she's got mannip."
by poison76ivy March 12, 2013
1 0
The nipples that men develop from eating too much shit(i.e. twinkie bars,McDonalds,etc.)Not cool to look at...
Oh my God, those man nips could feed a village!
by Jake Heileman September 18, 2006
2 1