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The nipples that a man has. Usually grosser than a ladies nips...but still nips!
While I looking for the morning paper, I ran into my neighbor who was rubbing his MAN NIPS so hard they started producing milk.
by ERICAGEIST April 14, 2003
a girl who attracts men like a cat is attracted to catnip. guys go crazy for this girl, for whatever reason. usually the man falls madly in love in the matter of days.
Jessi: "You had another one fall hard for you, didn't you?"

Matthew: "I don't know what it is about Kate, but I am crazy about her."
Chris: "Watch out, bro, she's got mannip."
by poison76ivy March 12, 2013
The nipples that men develop from eating too much shit(i.e. twinkie bars,McDonalds,etc.)Not cool to look at...
Oh my God, those man nips could feed a village!
by Jake Heileman September 18, 2006
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