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A light fixture which is turned on to cast a sufficient amount of light in one's immediate area to emphasize the heterosexual nature of time spent together by two or more males.

Under no circumstances may man lights be a lava lamp, candle(s), or anything which can be considered "mood lighting". Propane lanterns or fires are okay, however.

Typically used when watching TV or during a man date.
Hey dude, turn on a man light or two when you get those beers.
by Chief Cook & Bottle Washer September 17, 2009
Highlights in a man's hair.
Sally: That guy has some blonde streaks in his hair. Wanda: Oh Honey! Those are manlights!

Everitt, I see you had your manlights touched up this weekend at the salon.
by Shanabanana March 31, 2008
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