Top Definition
1: a male cameltoe
2: a male package visible through his pants
"Why does he have to wear spandex? You can see his man grenade from here."
by Tim W February 09, 2006
When you see a hott ass girl mackin it with/dating a dude and you have no idea how that dude is mackin it with/dating that girl cause hes ugly and looks like he should be dating a tree stump instead.
-Yo that girl Michelle is mad fine, I wanna get with her.
-I know man but I saw her boyfriend and hes a total man grenade.
by Jimmy Nickson September 30, 2010
The cock blockin Fat chick you have to jump on so your buddy can get the hottie.
"This fat bitch has been cock blockin me all night I need you to jump on the man grenade"

by alphamale70 February 24, 2008
A loose cannon, liable to go off at any time causing severe damage to those around him. Often found armed with a brown paper bag of exceptionally strong skuzz.
Christ alive, check out Mangrenade... That shit can't be legal!
by sweet September 08, 2003
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