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The male genitalia. AKA cock, dick, rod, unit, shaft, the general, purple headed yogurt shooter, and penis.
Her eyes widened when she saw the bulge created by his man dangle.
#cock #dick #rod #shaft #unit #penis
by Occasus April 01, 2006
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Slang term for the penis that is more PC, yet still gets the point across.
"If you walk down Milledge Ave with your mandangle out, you will get some action"
by andrew April 25, 2003
The state of a penis, when flacid, hangs as low or lower than the testicles.
"Dude! I saw "Watchmen" and the glowing blue guy had a full on mandangle going on!"
#mandangle #penis #flacid #testicles #hanging
by Marco Porno August 16, 2009
the part of the male anatomy that hangs as a pair between the thigh and includes the outer shell that supports them.
"my goodness my mandangles keep sticking to my leg today and are driving me nuts."
#balls #testicles #nut sack #balls in a bag #nuts
by getcusome August 30, 2007
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