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A sarcastic retort made during a chaffing tongue-in-check conversation, which pokes fun at a jocular unsubstantiated incorrect summary of an entire group of people
chap1: Did you see that guy balance on a toilet, upside down, with his legs chained together, with his head in a football, playing a 12-string guitar and singing "I Did It My Way"?
chap2: Bah. Street artists. They're all the same. Trying to fleece you for bag of crap performance.
chap1: Yea. They're all the same. Man and boy, every last one of them.
chap2: And another thing, the toilet wasn't even plumbed in - it wouldn't have flushed ...
chap1: Yea. Plumbers. They're all wasters. Man and boy, every last one of them.
by noddy330 June 23, 2009
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