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Meaning bestest homeboy, homie, friend, buddy, pinmpin' person who is a buddy etc. Popular among coool people. A SUPER AMAZING WORD.

Quite possibly the best word of all time. Created by Jordan Mid- last years and evolved and popularly used by Jordan & Geoff. A popular word from where we come from.
Yo fo ko sho MAMEDIS , pimp call g!

Yo mamedis lets bash some commie bastads.

Yo MAMEDIS ali g IS THE MAN, he is my HERo!
by Galamaheit 10 000 November 04, 2004
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A bruva or a pimpin person. also used as talk for womens
yo mamedis hows it goin g. jordan and geooff aare mamdises
by Jordan strand November 04, 2004
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