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A disease marked by a level of lack of intelligence and common sense so deep, so aberrant, so impossibly incurable by any means whatsoever (conventional or otherwise) eventually leading the afflicted individual to perform some act ensuring demise and subsequent enormous amounts of ridicule by society at large for decades to come.

In cases where only the malignantly stupid subject him/herself falls victim to an act leading to self-extinction, nomination for a Darwin Award is in order, having removed themselves as potential polluters of the gene pool and propagation of malignant stupidity in future generations.

However, in cases where an uninvolved or otherwise innocent party/parties has the misfortune of being in close proximity to said act, resulting in death or injury to said party, the afflicted individual's qualification for a Darwin Award has been annulled even if they themselves died in commission of said act.
1. Having suffered from malignant stupidity since childhood, one could hear an audible sigh of relief from the gene pool the day Steve decided it was a GOOD idea to use dynamite to make holes for ice fishing; he EARNED that Darwin Award, the hard way.

2. Steve lost his chance forevermore at receiving a Darwin Award when it was discovered that his brother Jerry was fishing on the lake that day as well, unable to flee for cover before the load exploded, cracking the ice, and Jerry fell in. It is truly a shame that rescuers were unable to find his body until the spring melt, although they did manage to scrape bits and pieces of Steve off the ice.
by allee12345 January 25, 2009
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