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Nailpolish worn by a man.
Adam Lambert from American Idol season 8 is often seen wearing black malepolish.
by geoffj March 29, 2009
7 1
finger nail polish for men, usually of the metrosexual type who care about their looks. Typically matches in color with their manpris, manigans, man makeup, skin tone, and/or manktops.
person 1: i went to the drugstore today to buy some male polish, wanna try some?
person 2: sorry dude, thats not my thing. i'm not metrosexual like you.
person 1: oh yeah, sorry..... OH but i also bought some man makeup in your skin tone!
person 2: ...
by manbra!! November 18, 2007
5 2
Nail laquer applied to a man's hands.
"It takes a real man to go around neon pink malepolish"
by hlbndr December 14, 2009
1 1