A disease unique to South Africa. Strangely restricted to members of out-dated political parties of said country.
“Did you read in the paper that some political party is crazy enough to want to close down Twitter because they said something about their boss?”
“Yeah I know, I had to laugh. I think they must have Malema or something.”
#genocide #dictator #comedy #role-model #village idiot #ay-gent
by hopwon November 05, 2010
Top Definition
In South Africa this refers to a person with a low iq or someone who says stupid things.
You are just being like a malema
#stupid #idiotic #moron #pee brain #silly
by Mr Slim Jan August 05, 2008
Aspiring African dictator, with crazy ideas whom has been known to promote the killing of boers
See that Malema? He wants to be worse than a Mugabe!
#malemaism #genocide #hate speech #african dictator #foolish leader
by Lettie2 April 11, 2010
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