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A male lesbian is a physiologically heteosexual male who wishes he'd been born a girl. He feels alienated by the social standards of gender roles. He may be a crossdresser or consider himself transgendered, but he is probably not transsexual. His ideal would be to be able to be his feminine self in a relationship with a biological female. If he is open about this, he may be ridiculed by both the gay and straight communities.
I don't know; maybe Prince is a male lesbian.
#heterosexual #crossdresser #lesbian male #countercultural #sexuality
by Erica31 March 09, 2006
a transvestite; a man who, if you saw he and his wife or girlfriend kissing, you might assume to be a lesbian. Not to be confused with a male-to-female transgender lesbian
Eddie Izzard is a male lesbian.
by annonymous July 12, 2004
A male who is sexually attracted to women that are quite masculine, such as "butch" lesbians.
Joe liked girls, but particularly the stereotypical macho lesbian types; you could say he was a male lesbian.
#lesbian male #gender #sexuality #transgender #homosexuality
by _adam March 20, 2007
Some guy who thinks that being turned on by women kissing and grossed out by penises makes him a lesbian, apparently missing the fact that he's male. Male lesbians usually talk about how they're male lesbians all the time and expect actual lesbian/bi women to think this is awesome.
Guy: I'm a male lesbian!
Lesbian: What?
Guy: Because I'm attracted to women, so I'd be a lesbian if I weren't a dude!
Lesbian: ...again, what?
Guy: Don't you think it's cool that I admire lesbians so much?
Lesbian: No. Go away.
by Aster M. September 05, 2005
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