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The prostate gland, said to be the male equivalent of a woman's g-spot. Capable of producing great physical pleasure with massage or pressure; not too surprising since the prostate gland produces about two-thirds of the "juice" in semen.

It is possible (perhaps more often practiced in parts of India) for the prostate gland to be "milked" resulting in ejaculation without orgasm.

"So the doctor gave me this digi-rectal exam and when his finger was all the way in, it started to feel really good. Does this make me gay?"

"No, man, it means he hit your male g-spot, the prostate. Every guy's got one."

by al-in-chgo March 07, 2010
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The male g-spot is a fictional area inside the rectum which supposedly enhances the male orgasm. It was invented by closet-gays who looked for a sensible excuse to have things stuck up their ass.
"dude, the doctor stuck his finger up my fun-pipe, tickled my male g-spot and I totally got a boner! does that make me gay?"
"nope, but calling your ass a 'fun-pipe' does"
by quantumechanic July 08, 2013
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