A non-threatening male usually seen socially in the company of more than three females. May or may not be homosexual, but not romantically attached to any of his escorts.
Bar Patron: Man, go talk to her.
Bar Patron #2: Aw, man that dude is haning out with them.
Bar Patron: Him? Aw, that chump is a male cheerleader. He ain't hittin' that.
by ivan April 20, 2004
Top Definition
A male that joins the cheerleading squad and helps greatly with stunting and jumps, however chickens out on most dances and cheers. Also way sexier than any other man, especially as seen by team mates.
Mamaloosha! That is one fine male cheerleader... he could base me anyday.(If ya know what I mean)
by Bernzy February 09, 2005
a straight man that is madd buffzor than any other man and has the guts to join a team with madd hott ladies and is never homosexual do to the fact that he is surrounded by ladies football players envy him every day PwN!!!
"Hey whos that madd buff guy?"
"hmm must be a male cheerleader"
"hes gay!"
"hell naw nagger hes got all the bitches"
"all naggers is bitches mayne!"
by DENON LAMMAPwN July 20, 2004
The smartest people ever.
Brian: Hey Lucas I heard you are a cheerleader.

Lucas: Yep, first male cheerleader on our team in the history of our school.

Brian: Fag.

Lucas: So then tell me Brian how much action are you getting on a daily basis? Oh sorry, thats right, none.
by geek_loser September 12, 2010
Commander and Chimp George W. Bush
In college George W. Bush liked to get bad grades, drink beer, snort cocaine, and buttfuck his frat brothers. But most of all, he liked cheerleading.
by sean piniero February 13, 2005
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