A phrase used to insinuate that one is not being productive or useful. Commonly used by New Yorkers as a joke. Can be used in a derogatory or joking manner.
Person 1: (not paying attention)
Person Z: "Whatta ya doin? Making soup?
by sdkj2js7s March 01, 2011
Top Definition
Female masturbation. Term originates due to the fact that a woman gets increasingly wet as she gets more aroused.
John: Where's Michelle?
Chris: Oh, she went home after that Brad Pitt movie. I bet she's making soup.
by soupmaker January 12, 2009
having sex
i was making soup with her last night =]
by thug from da hood October 04, 2009
Having mud butt, the squirts and what not. Call it mud butt.
"Dude that taco killed me last night! Iv'e been making soup all day!"

"Dude, don't go in the bathroom! I made soup all over the toilet seat!"
by Sleft June 15, 2009
to start drama
yo, for real, niggas out here making soup
by Dimillion May 19, 2015
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