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when a bunch of teenagers get together in a dark room/rooms and make out to soft romantic music.
in full house, stephanie totally goes to a makeout party.

i wish makeout parties still existed.
by venusasaboy July 06, 2005
A colloquial term from the sixties and seventies used to describe middle school boy/girl parties where kids would play such games as spin the bottle and seven minutes in heaven.
My 50-year-old mom: "Wow! This Rolling Stones song really takes me back! I first heard it at a make-out party when I was in junior high!"
by Jullllllllz April 04, 2010
1. The result of a drunken night in the presence of hans, and as a corollary to that can only be initiated by hans.
2. An orgy-like make out session initiated by the phrase "Make out party"
3. Hans' new game.

Synonym: Orgy
-"It's my birthday, we're in a limo, what the hell..... MAKE OUT PARTY"
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