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To "make mermaids" is to shoot jizz into a toilet. After flushing, the sperm reach the ocean, inseminating fish of the female variety. The fertilized egg will develop into a mermaid or merman, depending on the whether the sperm carries an X or a Y chromosome.

Because merfolk are a sterile hybrid (that is, they cannot reproduce), the continued existence of merfolk culture is contingent on the ongoing flushing of semen. Please give generously.
Person 1: What are you gonna do when you get home?

Person 2: I'm gonna hit the shower, make some mermaids, and do some homework.

Person 1: You know, shower jizz doesn't technically fit the definition given above.

Person 2: Well at least it's clean of shit.
by Generous Doner October 16, 2011
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