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The state of mind that a wife-beater or otherwise angry male house inhabitant tends to dwell in. This state of mind often takes physical forms outside of a simple mentality. When one is in said state, a fury of bitch slaps and most often angry demanding remarks are hellishly unleashed onto ones life partner. Phrases such as "DON'T YOU SPEAK WOMAN!", "SHUT UP AND GET ME A BEER!", or, more commonly, "MAKE ME A SAMMICH BITCH!" are shouted at said life partner. Users of the MMASBM can commonly be described as fat, sweaty with the distinct stench of beer, stale cigarettes, and microwaveable dinners. Sometimes heavy Texan or otherwise bumfuck amuurhican state accents are attributed to such individuals. Although the "Make Me a Sammich Bitch" mentality is a common and natural male process, it is frowned upon in most northern states and all of Canada. In today's world, it is not recommended for use, as the female component of the mentality may end up with 50% of your life, and both testicles.
guy 1: "so I heard Cletus has been in a make me a sammich mentality lately"
guy 2: "yeah he threw his beer at his woman and told her to make him a sammich"
guy 1: "she must have been giving him lip"
by Carson Myers February 22, 2007
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