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maina?...well,that'me!:)(born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria...uh..Stoichkov??..stuped fuckers:):(.... )
maina - singular
maini - plural
"I really don't think these incredibly smart and beautiful people come from.." let's say.."..Azerbaidjan,they must be maini"
by livethroughmusic April 08, 2005
"Maina" is an expression used in Plovdiv. There are several meanings - a mother; in german "mein" means "my man". In Plovdiv is used for loved people and means "my man".
People from Plovdiv are called "mainite".
1.what's up maina? - common greeting

2.fuck ur mom's pussy maina - common greeting or insult
by fromPlovdiv August 30, 2011
Maina is a combination of Matt and Dana. These two turds are crazy aboot, yes we are Canadians, each other, yes are scared to fully act upon it. Thus, they are known as MAINA.
YO, check out this MAINA couple.
by Mad Skillz November 24, 2004
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