The cuban version of the word "Man"
In GTA Vice City, the mission for the cubans in the boat, the guy with Tommy says: You the main! main!, main!! You got some BIIIIIG cojones!! (You are the main man, man)
by Cleany May 14, 2004
The main function of a program.
cout << "Hello World!" << endl;
by Anonymous August 30, 2003
A subtitution for man. Derieved from spanish peakers who speak english with a spanish accent. Like in SCARFACE.
"Say 'ello to my Lee-til fren' MAIN"
-Scarface(didn't actaully say main but i had ta incorperate scarface somehow)
by DFOES November 23, 2003
Main is a White wish he were ghetto fuc who dun kare bout how he treats girls. He needs to learn that grls dun like "pimps" and they REALLY dun like gettin played. Wit that bein sed i no mah boys are guna kick his ass!
Main still LOVES X blondi X
by Ur X-BaBi GuRl June 12, 2003

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