taken from the english version of zero wing. go to google and search for all your base. funny.
Main screen turn on. Good evening gentlemen. All your base are belong to us. You have no chance to survive make your time.
by Aries October 29, 2003
A Phrase from the popular old old game named "Zero Wing" This saying is what a confused spaceship captain says in the english version because the translation was bad. This is also where "All your base are belong to us" comes from. If you are a nerd, you know this already.
When you get invaded by a Weird Creature and need to turn on your screen for some reason with voice command, this will be commical.
by Froth. October 28, 2003
It that line before the all your base quote. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!
Main screen turn on.
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
something that gets you so horny you want to whack off on the spot
i was so turned on i stepped out of the room to relive myself
by herbie hickles October 30, 2003
All your base will belong to us...
An order from a vidio game space-ship captian to turn on the main screen to see Katz, a robotic evil dude, make even worse grammatical errors.
McMillin Japanese translational services REALLY fuked up this time...
"Let's go watch that movie...Main Screen turn on! Launch all ZIG!"
by A_Longboarding_Trogdor October 30, 2003
Brain awakening; the act of leaving the unconcious world in your mind when the teacher calls on you, knowing you're not listening, asks the question, "What was the theme of this story?" - or at least you wished you could turn on that "main screen" of yours.
"Main screen engage! ...Please?"
by Bulletproof Marshmallow October 29, 2003
all your base are belong to us
main screen turn on
by kaitlyn October 28, 2003

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