If you're a lady, you want to be discreet. Many men will come and go--sometimes at the same time, but sometimes you have that one dude that you can always rely on. He might live with you, although he might not be your husband. He might float you a little cash occasionally. He's got your back, and you don't want to dissappoint him. He's usually a lover.
I had a good time with Mark--he's fine as hell. I can't slip up and let John find out, though, cause he's my main man.
by thesphinxes March 23, 2006
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my homeboy or best friend; usually used when the person in question hooks you up with a sweet deal
My main man just hooked me up with courtside seats to the Knicks.
by ryan September 11, 2004
1)Main man is another defintion as your best friend.
2)My main man is my best bud.
Hanging out with my main man!
by whoframednick May 14, 2009
main man: one that is superior above others
the one that people look up to when they want the job done right
everyone knows J.C. is the MAIN MAN around here
by Moy Zee September 06, 2005
closes home boy or home girl
"see him there thats my main man"
by Tab August 17, 2004
(See: Main Bitch)

main man
n. Not a husband, not a boyfriend, but very close to a main squeeze. Usually the favorite dude/dicks used of several.
"Is that your husband, your boyfriend, or just your main man?"
by HansenYerPantSon January 17, 2015

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