This is a cross between huge and massive, and is deseigned to cause the afore mentioned words redundent
That was a mahusive shit
by Captain Nobwash December 12, 2002
Top Definition
A splicing of the words 'massive' and 'huge'. Used to indicate that something is large in measurement, and that the size need be excitedly proclaimed.
"Did you see that burger fat Jake ate? It was mahusive!"
by Umbongo - England March 31, 2003
A combination of the words massive and huge because people were not content with using these two more understood, concise and ultimately more practical words. Overall this amounts to a marvellous word.
That ovarian cyst is mahusive!!
by guido January 23, 2004
a thing that is quite big, but thinks
it is bigger than it is, and is also not very good.
Wolves are a MAHUSIVE club and deserve to be in the Premiership.
by Harry H May 21, 2003
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