A word used by deuschebags across America to describe a girl that you must put a porn magazine on to keep yourself aroused during sex. Ideally you put it on her back during doggy style so that she never knows, but if he is truly hideous, the front will suffice.

Words to know: gagger bagger
Deuschebag 1: "Hey man, check her out"
Dueschebag 2: "Holy Shit! What a f***ing magger. I bet she's tight as sh!t though. Noone would want a piece of that. I'd mag and tap that in a second."
by giggidy February 21, 2005
Top Definition
A codeword used by Nigerian scammers to signify someone who has been scammed or is going to be scammed.
I got that magger to cash my invalid check.
by BillF September 07, 2005
Another good old Aussie slang term for being in a total state of maggotness. (maggotness refering to being incredibly drunken)
Jesse Creevey- Wow, dude. Your no vegeterian but I'd say your off your chops.

Person who isnt Jesse Creevey- Yeah bro, im totally Maggers.
by DeathLord McJesse March 22, 2009
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