A girl who is a complete blonde and has a peadophilic boyfriend who is 6 years elder to her.
A: Dude, you're dating the old faggot?! You're such a madhura!
#blonde #madura #madurai #mathura #maddhura
by ~~~Bob the Builder November 18, 2010
Top Definition
A girl who's mostly sweet and is downright smoking. Possesses a powerful aura, is confident and has wicked convincing tactics and an unbeatable sense of humour. Wins hearts like it's no big deal and is a lady who knows her strengths and weaknesses. If you mess with her, you have big reasons to worry because she is a born badass.
Oh my god! I just had the best time ever with Madhura!
#madhuri #awesome #badass #adorable #enviable
by Kyoorius November 27, 2014
Sweet and good at heart but can be a monster.
Omg you baked me a cake, your such a madhura
#madhuraa #maadhura #maadira #maddhura #hottayy
by Incy Wincy Spider December 12, 2010
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