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The most amazing two best friends anyone could ever have. Spend their life together and have known each other their whole life. You are inseparable and are hardly seen without one another. You have shared some amazing memories together and have planned your future together. The trust between these girls is unbelievable. You can read each others minds, you know what each other are thinking and then laugh knowing that no one else knows! There isn't much you don't tell each other and if there is, it's because it's a surprise! These maddles and moo moments are pretty hard to find but if you ever find a someone like these girls; keep her. Life without each other is unimaginable! These girls know that they can be themselves around each other, no judgement and no hate! Loving your best friend like a sister is an incredible feeling and a special one that these girls share! xxxxx
Maddles: OI...*pulls a face*
Moo: *pulls a face in response*


thats maddles and moo for ya
by maddles and moo November 22, 2013
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