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Madathap is an acronym for "Most Alcoholics Don't Admit They Have A Problem". It can be used as an adjective, noun, or conjugated any way you like (like the "f" word)
1. Me: Hey Uncle Joe, can you please pick up my boy from school? I have to work late and the wife is out of town...

Joe: ...I dunno man, kinda in the middle of an "American Pickers" marathon, and uh, ya, been drinkin' since noon...

Me: Dude, ur such a fricken Madathap...

2. Serriously, all Gramma's been doin since grampa died is smokin and playin bingo... What a Madathap!

3. Leave me alone, you madatahappin piece of crap!
by chek_razor January 08, 2012
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