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The most amazing guy I have ever met.

He can light up your day with one of his quick sly smiles - the smiles you can't ever get enough of. His eyes are pools of grey and blue you can just look into a find yourself lost, they are the eyes you wish you had. But his body? Hot damn. He is one of the most beautiful people you will ever see. His muscles are simply magnificent. You can run your fingers over them thousands of times, and never get bored of them. Even his wrists are gorgeous.

The way you feel when you're around him you can't begin to describe. He can make you laugh and smile when you're being serious, and can lighten any mood with one of his amazing puns. He is such a kind-hearted, sensitive, sweet, strong, hilarious, caring, bright, captivating, smart, heavenly, alluring, understanding, puzzling, polite, and orgasmic person. There aren't enough words in the 1,019,729.6 words of the english language to describe him. He is perfect. If you ever meet a Mackenzie in your life, it will instantly become better.
e.g. Did you see Mackenzie (guy) yesterday? So many girls were all over him, I had to fight my way to talk to him!
#hot #amazing #wonderful #orgasmic #mysterious
by Your Baby <3 November 08, 2013
The most wonderful (boy or man or guy) you will ever meet. He is nice to you. When u guys text he sometimes writes back but he always knows what to say. You can always rely on him. You will end up being bestfriends before anything else. (Bf and gf and or husband and wife)... Even if you brake up if u go out, you will still be
friends... He may cheat, but, in his mind he never meant to hurt you. He can be short or medium most likely not tall..
Mackenzie (guy) and I are goin to the mall.
#guy #smart #caring #love #friends
by WriterLover1468 December 15, 2014
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